About Us

Mission statement: “To help provide funding, medical equipment, supplies and educational materials to animal welfare organizations in the country of Ecuador.”

We are a newly formed 501(c)3 with many very dedicated volunteers working to improve the lives of street dogs in Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Cotacachi is a lovely town of approximately 9000 people known for it’s leather goods.  There is, however, a sad truth that overshadows Cotacachi’s beauty.  There are many homeless dogs wandering the streets, some injured and sick, many of whom will never have a home.  By performing sterilization campaigns (spay and neuter) we are decreasing the overall population to a population the community can actually support.

Many of our volunteers are expats living in Cotacachi who have helped sponsor spay/neuter clinics through local Ecuadorian foundations. For the first time in July we ran our own Neuter only clinic using an injectable neuter solution (CalchlorinTM nonsurgical neuter injection) instead of traditional surgical methods. This allowed us to neuter 109 dogs in well under half the time! In total this past year, through our members’ efforts, over 400 dogs in the Cotacachi area were sterilized. In turn, preventing well over 3200 puppies next year and exponentially beyond that!

We are a small, but growing organization who hope to provide Cotacachi, Ecuador with support to provide a long-term solution for their canine overpopulation problem.
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