Adoption Corner

While we do not operate a shelter in Cotacachi, many of our volunteers and other friends of Amici Cannis find themselves fostering and adopting out cats and dogs. These postings are as up to date as possible.

Posted 7/19/16

Manchas was rescued from the street on July 19. She seems to be about one month old. The dog’s name is Manchas. She has a temporary home here at the Amici Cannis Clinic, but she needs a forever home. The adoption will be free and the spay procedure will also be free, but the dog is too young for surgery now. She will need to be returned to the clinic in about 3 months for the spay surgery. 



Posted 7/11/16

Guantes was hit by a car and brought in by a volunteer, he is recovered and ready for his place in your home and heart. For more information email amicicannis@yahoo.com13615414_1149915291737175_24595255551191040_n

Posted 11/17/15

Coco is about 45#, very gentle, quiet and friendly.  She is good with other dogs.  She has been spayed and has all her shots and  is looking for a new home! If you are interested please contact Gaye at 098-660-9435 or


Black Dog is about 45#, timid and wants to be accepted.  She is good with other dogs and would be a good watchdog.  She has not been to the vet yet so it is unknown if she is spayed, but she will be vaccinated and spayed prior to adoption. If you are interested please contact Gaye at 098-660-9435 or


If you would like your animals posted here or you are interested in sponsoring an adoptable pet’s food or spay and neuter costs please contact us at