Spay and neuter clinics in partnership with the Municipality of Cotacachi

Amici Cannis is currently participating in a project to spay and neuter 150 dogs in partnership with the Municipality of Cotacachi. At one recent clinic Amici Cannis spayed and neutered 22 dogs. The dogs were collected by the municipality from the streets of Cotacachi. They were delivered to the Amici Cannis Clinic on Thursday and they left on Saturday.
The attached photo shows all the dogs right after surgery. We confess it was challenging to control 22 dogs at the same time!
Our project with the Municipality is moving forward very well. We’d like to say thanks to all the staff and volunteers for all the help. We are making a real difference for the dogs and dog lovers of Cotacachi. Thank You!

Major Amici Cannis Announcement

Amici Cannis wants to announce some major yet exciting changes with our organization!

Amici Cannis was started 5 years ago by a group of people dedicated to changing the lives of the street dogs for the better. We started small, and put on a few spay and neuter events. We fostered some pets for adoption but we quickly found that that wasn’t going to be enough. In 2014, we created a grand plan to build an animal shelter with an attached veterinary hospital. This plan was a novel approach to what we deemed to be a major problem; the lack of access to medical care, and a shelter to house stray dogs until their adoption.

In 2015, Amici Cannis started the groundwork to implement this plan. In doing so, we reached out to many organizations that have done similar work in Central and South America. Through our contacts at Humane Society International (HSI), we learned that our plan may not be the best for us, nor for the street dogs of Cotacachi. HSI has done extensive research on sterilization efforts in stray populations and has found that a shelter set up prior to population control is likely to fail. There are too many animals in need of shelter, and not enough resources, money or space to house them all.

So, armed with that new knowledge, Amici Cannis has shifted our focus slightly. We still are focused on helping the dogs of Cotacachi, but we will be doing so through a Population Control Plan (extensive spay and neuter programs), as well as education for local pet owners. Our goal is to have the over population of both stray, and owned animals controlled in 5 years. This Population Control Plan will in turn provide less fighting for the scarce resources, and overall healthier animals (HSI researched that too!).

We have met with the Municipality of Cotacachi to advise them of our change in plans, and they were very understanding of our situation. The Municipality realizes that they too have responsibilities to help undertake, and create solutions for the over-population problem. We agreed to consult with them on future plans.

We started this revised mission this summer. We performed our first Non-Surgical Neuter Campaign in June. We neutered over 100 animals for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional neutering. This November, we are hosting a large Spay/Neuter Campaign in Cotacachi with the help of Veterinarians from Ambato, Quito, and our 2 US doctors. During this campaign, we will also perform non-surgical neutering. Our goal is to sterilize 200 more animals by the end of the 2015.We would like to grow that number each year, but we can only do so with the help of our amazing volunteers and supporters. If you would like to volunteer with us, donate to our cause, or have any questions about our new goals, please check out our website or contact us directly at  

While on our website, please stop in at the new adoption corner. We will be providing courtesy listings for adoptable pets in Cotacachi. If you know of anyone needing to re-home pets, or fostering strays for re-homing, please have them contact us at

Much love to all and we welcome your feedback!



Amici Cannis won the 1st place Timmy Award from the Parsemus Foundation

Amici Cannis is proud to announce that we have won the Timmy Award from the Parsemus Foundation. This award is due to our documentation about our use of the Calchlorin Injectable Neuter Shot this summer during our very successful Non-Surgical Neuter Clinic. We won a $5000 prize which will be used to purchase equipment for our November Spay Clinic.
See the Press Release here:
In addition we are getting recognition from the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs! Read about that here:
ACC-D September Newsletter

As always Amici Cannis relies heavily on private donations to continue funding our spay and neuter projects. If you are able please click here to donate. As a reminder we are a 501c3 non-profit so all donations are tax-deductible.

Furever Friends Fiesta Fundraiser 5/21/15

A big thank you to everyone who was able to join us and to many more who supported from afar, this fundraiser was a huge success! We had sold 130 tickets and 107 people showed up. The hotel (Land of the Sun) that we used had 2 main dining rooms. One covered that seated 50, and the other was an open courtyard that seated 60. We knew going into this that weather would be a factor, but we all crossed our fingers. It hasn’t rained for about 2 week… UNTIL the day of our fundraiser. At about 4:30pm, the skies opened up, and it just poured. The good thing about Ecuador, is you just have to “roll with it”, so we figured we would make do. Well, the rain only lasted for 20 mins, so I got the volunteers hard at work drying everything, and putting the tables back together. The rain held off all night, and it turned out to be a beautiful night, with an awesome view of the sky!! Of course the Mariachi Band was 55 mins late, but hey.. It’s Ecuador. It all turned out great, because they made a grand entrance by playing their way in and around the crowd.
A little rain can’t keep us down or ruin our party! The show must go on!!!

(18) (8)

(53) (61)

The Mariachi Band Arrives!
(51) (52)

Even a Stray dog dropped by to show her support!

For anyone who wasn’t able to join us that would like to donate to our cause please click here.

Sammy: The Three Legged Dog

The life of a street dog in Ecuador can be a very hard one, illness goes untreated, hunger unfed and broken bones unfixed. Sammy was unfortunately the trifecta of those dogs.

In March while walking down the street in Cotacachi, Gayle came across a very sickly, hungry dog with a broken leg. The dog’s leg appeared to have been broken for quite some time as he was dragging it around behind him, and the front was raw and bleeding from the dragging. Gayle said he was the most pathetic looking dog she had ever seen.

Over the next few days, Gayle tended to the dog while the stray dog always kept his distance. Gayle offered him food and water, which he couldn’t even keep down for several days because his stomach was so used to starvation. Then he disappeared. After a few days of not seeing him, Gayle thought the dog had met his end, as that is the common final chapter for many ill or weak street dogs. Thankfully she saw him again, and this time he actually came up to her almost asking for help. So she helped. Gayle started by calling the local vet who came to see the dog. He advised that the leg was totally dead and would need to be amputated. He advised that unless someone was willing to take the dog and care for him, there would be no point in doing the surgery- this dog’s street days were over. He took the dog to his clinic and started treatment for the open wound, while Gayle tried to find an adopter. After a day at the clinic, the vet called to inquire if he should proceed with the amputation, and Gayle said yes. She was determined to find him a home, his life had been to hard and he needed a happily ever after.

After rescuing him, feeding him, and caring for him after his operation, Gayle decided that the street dog’s happily ever after would be with her and her family in the USA so she named him Sammy. Her only dilemma was that she couldn’t have him in her small apartment in Cotacachi. Since she was planning to move back to the USA soon, and wanted to take Sammy with her, she just needed someone to foster him for a few weeks. A terrific couple from Cotacachi volunteered to foster him at their house. Sammy took to being a 3-legged dog with no problems, other than a few spills on the slippery tiles. He went to his foster home where he had 2 beautiful sisters who helped him recover with lots of love and play.

Now Gayle and Sammy are back in the United States. He lives on a lovely farm where he’s surrounded by lots of varieties of animals where his 3 legged handicap is not only accepted but also loved. He will never be hungry and unfed or ill and untreated again. Sammy will get his happily ever after.
Sammy with foster siblings Conchita and Chloe.

To help other dogs like Sammy please donate to Amici Cannis’s cause. We want to build a veterinary hospital and animal shelter to treat, train and rehome dogs like Sammy. Our vision of healthy dogs in Cotacachi is attainable with your help! Click below to donate.

PIG- an adoption success

In May 2014 two Amici Cannis volunteers, Brian and Janette, were out on the town enjoying themselves at a bar in Cotacachi. They witnessed a local man enter the bar and “drop off” a little puppy. This puppy couldn’t have happened into a better bar!  At bar closing Brian and Janette scooped up the little fellow and took him into their home overnight as his owner never returned for him. They affectionately named him “PIG” because of his big belly. They began the process of vetting him and finding him the perfect forever home. The veterinarian got him his shots, and a dewormer (surprise his potbelly went away!) as well as a thorough examination. With his clean bill of health, Brian and Janette began the search for PIG’s new digs. Eventually he settled into a home with a local Ecuadorean family who has adopted him into their home, family and heart. PIG continues to thrive with his new family!

If you are at all moved by this story, please consider adopting a street dog or donating to our 501C3 so that we can continue to help puppies like PIG by building an animal shelter in Cotacachi. Your donation is important to us. Click HERE to donate through paypal or share this story through the buttons below on facebook, twitter or google+.



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