Furever Friends Fiesta Fundraiser 5/21/15

A big thank you to everyone who was able to join us and to many more who supported from afar, this fundraiser was a huge success! We had sold 130 tickets and 107 people showed up. The hotel (Land of the Sun) that we used had 2 main dining rooms. One covered that seated 50, and the other was an open courtyard that seated 60. We knew going into this that weather would be a factor, but we all crossed our fingers. It hasn’t rained for about 2 week… UNTIL the day of our fundraiser. At about 4:30pm, the skies opened up, and it just poured. The good thing about Ecuador, is you just have to “roll with it”, so we figured we would make do. Well, the rain only lasted for 20 mins, so I got the volunteers hard at work drying everything, and putting the tables back together. The rain held off all night, and it turned out to be a beautiful night, with an awesome view of the sky!! Of course the Mariachi Band was 55 mins late, but hey.. It’s Ecuador. It all turned out great, because they made a grand entrance by playing their way in and around the crowd.
A little rain can’t keep us down or ruin our party! The show must go on!!!

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(53) (61)

The Mariachi Band Arrives!
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Even a Stray dog dropped by to show her support!

For anyone who wasn’t able to join us that would like to donate to our cause please click here.

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