Major Amici Cannis Announcement

Amici Cannis wants to announce some major yet exciting changes with our organization!

Amici Cannis was started 5 years ago by a group of people dedicated to changing the lives of the street dogs for the better. We started small, and put on a few spay and neuter events. We fostered some pets for adoption but we quickly found that that wasn’t going to be enough. In 2014, we created a grand plan to build an animal shelter with an attached veterinary hospital. This plan was a novel approach to what we deemed to be a major problem; the lack of access to medical care, and a shelter to house stray dogs until their adoption.

In 2015, Amici Cannis started the groundwork to implement this plan. In doing so, we reached out to many organizations that have done similar work in Central and South America. Through our contacts at Humane Society International (HSI), we learned that our plan may not be the best for us, nor for the street dogs of Cotacachi. HSI has done extensive research on sterilization efforts in stray populations and has found that a shelter set up prior to population control is likely to fail. There are too many animals in need of shelter, and not enough resources, money or space to house them all.

So, armed with that new knowledge, Amici Cannis has shifted our focus slightly. We still are focused on helping the dogs of Cotacachi, but we will be doing so through a Population Control Plan (extensive spay and neuter programs), as well as education for local pet owners. Our goal is to have the over population of both stray, and owned animals controlled in 5 years. This Population Control Plan will in turn provide less fighting for the scarce resources, and overall healthier animals (HSI researched that too!).

We have met with the Municipality of Cotacachi to advise them of our change in plans, and they were very understanding of our situation. The Municipality realizes that they too have responsibilities to help undertake, and create solutions for the over-population problem. We agreed to consult with them on future plans.

We started this revised mission this summer. We performed our first Non-Surgical Neuter Campaign in June. We neutered over 100 animals for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional neutering. This November, we are hosting a large Spay/Neuter Campaign in Cotacachi with the help of Veterinarians from Ambato, Quito, and our 2 US doctors. During this campaign, we will also perform non-surgical neutering. Our goal is to sterilize 200 more animals by the end of the 2015.We would like to grow that number each year, but we can only do so with the help of our amazing volunteers and supporters. If you would like to volunteer with us, donate to our cause, or have any questions about our new goals, please check out our website or contact us directly at  

While on our website, please stop in at the new adoption corner. We will be providing courtesy listings for adoptable pets in Cotacachi. If you know of anyone needing to re-home pets, or fostering strays for re-homing, please have them contact us at

Much love to all and we welcome your feedback!



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