Our Projects

Amici Cannis is striving to better the lives of street dogs in Cotacachi. Currently we are finishing up our first neuter only clinic and planning our fall spay clinic. Read below to follow our progress!

May 2016: We opened our clinic doors! We are now a fully operational spay and neuter facility, due to the nature of our mission we have also become a small adoption center, checkout our adoption corner to see our adoptable pets.

November 2015: We scheduled and set up for our annual large scale spay clinic. Unfortunately due to some logistical problems with permits, we were only able to spay a very small number of animals. Without a pause, Amici Cannis stepped up in the face of a challenge. We immediately  began planning for a year round brick and mortar veterinary hospital so that our mission can continue, and so…

June 2015: We organized and ran our first neuter only clinic using a non-surgical approach. We used a type of chemical castration called CalChlorinTM. It is a permanent neuter injection that is done under heavy sedation instead of full anesthesia and surgery. This means that we can neuter significantly more dogs in much less time and at less cost for us and the owners! Each neuter takes about 2 minutes for cleaning/prepping and the injections, and another couple of minutes to tattoo them (since this leaves the testicles intact, it is a permanent way to ensure that we will know they are neutered if they are ever brought in again!). This will make a huge impact on the behavior of the street dogs as fighting over intact females is a common cause of dog fights and even human bites, while helping decrease the overall population of free-roaming dogs. In our June campaign we were able to neuter 108 dogs in 8 different locations! We still have much education to pass along to the community as there is still a mindset that the female dogs are the problem since they are the ones having the puppies, but through education we will continue to expand this program.

Total Dogs Helped: 109
Puppies prevented in the next year: 1500

November 2015: We are in the process of organizing a spay campaign. This will be a collaborative effort between Amici Cannis and PAE (Protección Animal Ecuador) to spay as many dogs as possible in 2 days. In order to accomplish this, we will be offering the sedated CalChlorinTM neuters to any male dogs in order to allow our trained surgical staff to focus on spaying dogs. Our upcoming fundraisers will go towards helping fund this project.

Total Dogs to be helped: Hopefully 200
Puppies hopefully prevented in the next year: 2800