PIG- an adoption success

In May 2014 two Amici Cannis volunteers, Brian and Janette, were out on the town enjoying themselves at a bar in Cotacachi. They witnessed a local man enter the bar and “drop off” a little puppy. This puppy couldn’t have happened into a better bar!  At bar closing Brian and Janette scooped up the little fellow and took him into their home overnight as his owner never returned for him. They affectionately named him “PIG” because of his big belly. They began the process of vetting him and finding him the perfect forever home. The veterinarian got him his shots, and a dewormer (surprise his potbelly went away!) as well as a thorough examination. With his clean bill of health, Brian and Janette began the search for PIG’s new digs. Eventually he settled into a home with a local Ecuadorean family who has adopted him into their home, family and heart. PIG continues to thrive with his new family!

If you are at all moved by this story, please consider adopting a street dog or donating to our 501C3 so that we can continue to help puppies like PIG by building an animal shelter in Cotacachi. Your donation is important to us. Click HERE to donate through paypal or share this story through the buttons below on facebook, twitter or google+.



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