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Saturdays are Adoption Days!

Los Sábados son nuestros días de Adopción Oficial! Vengan a la hospital Amici Cannis a conocer los adorables perritos y gatitos que tenemos en el programa de adopciones!

Saturday’s are our official ADOPTION DAY! Come on down to the Amici Cannis hospital to see the sweet dogs and cats we have in our adoption program!

Dog of the week: “BRIAN” is a 10 year old male street dog that most folks recognize as he lives on the streets near Parque San Francisco. BRIAN was sterilized in March 2017, after the MRU located him wandering around with a gaping and infected machete slash to his neck. He was saved by the ACAH staff and eventually released back to the streets. The MRU and many ex-pats still keep an eye on him and he has been returned several times to the ACAH for continuous care for his arthritis. Currently he is being given daily medicine for his arthritis by a caring ex-pat. As of late however, BRIAN is having a hard time walking and still spends his nights sleeping on a cold sidewalk. The ACAH is reaching out to see if anyone has the desire to let this older fellow into their lives so his arthritis does not get worse. He is one very friendly and loyal dog and would most likely not be a burden for the right person.

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