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Main: (06) 291 4166

Cell: 098 242 6204

Amici Cannis Transport (ACT)

Emerson ACT
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Introducing the “ACT” – Amici Cannis Transport

This is a new service that we are developing to provide continued mobile support for the street dogs and clients of Cotacachi. This service will be run through the hospital and allows us to continue to provide transportation for animals in need, clients/patients in need and continue to feed the street dogs! Brian Sullivan created a wonderful road map for the foundation, and we are proud to be able to continue in his footsteps! Thank you Brian!!
The other great news about this new format is that we will be providing much needed work for an Ecuadorian! We have hired Emerson, one of our previously trained veterinary technicians, as our transport guy! He will be dispatched through the clinic and available for all of our transport needs.
Please contact Amici Cannis when you see a street dog in distress, injured, or in heat. We will be continuing our sterilization of the street dog program every day. Also, we will be continuing to do our catch and release program on cats, notify us if you have a neighborhood cat that needs to be sterilized and we will setup our safe trap.
Please welcome Emerson and introduce yourself to him when you see him patrolling in town!
Contact Amici Cannis for any questions
Facebook: @amicicannisusa
Whatsapp: 098-242-6204‬
Phone: 062914166‬
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