Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)​

We are a fully equipped full service veterinary hospital. We provide all levels of surgical care including orthopedic surgeries. We have in-house laboratory equipment, digital radiographs, ultrasound and a full dental suite! If your pet has a need, we can provide the service needed.

Our Medical Director, Dr. Marcela speaks English, as well as the Office Administor. Our staff have limited English-speaking skills and are always learning more! We also have Dr. Heather Steyn who can help with complicated medical explanations in English if needed.

Yes, we commonly make nutrituional recommendations for medical conditions nd we proudly sell Royal Canin therapeutic and maintenance diets as well as NutraPro foods. We carry specialize diets such as Urinary Health and Weight Loss Support for your pets special needs.

Yes, we carry a full line of flea and tick control products as well as heartworm prevention. Products include: Revolution, Simparica, Trifexis, Interceptor and others. Please consult with your veterinarian about the product that is right for your pet and their particular risk factors.

Absolutely! You can either bring the dog in yourself, or call the hospital to check the possibility of making arrangements to have the dog picked up by our Mobile Response Unit. If the dog requires immediate care it is always best to try to get the dog in immediately by taxi.

We provide all of our services based on a sliding fee scale. Our doctors will work with anyone to ensure they get care for their pet at a price they are able to afford.

Absolutely! You can sponsor a specific dog or make a donation that will go toward paying for sterilization of any particular dog or a street dog.

We have a fully trained staff to manage the hospital but we accept volunteers to help care for our dogs and cats in adoption that are living at the clinic.  These animals require walking, cleaning, feeding and enrichment.  We also occasionally we have programs that we seek volunteers for such as our bi-annual Census Count, and cleaning/replenishing the clinic after large scale sterilization events. Please contact the clinic to inquire about these opportunities.

Saturday is our official adoption day. We are open from 8am to 5pm and you can come meet the dogs in person.  We also always post which pets we have for adoption on our Facebook page in the Adoption Corner.

We focus on dogs, cats and pocket pets, and unfortunately do not treat other species.  We can provide referrals to other veterinarians for horses and other species.

If you have an emergency and cannot bring your pet to the hospital, please call and we will discuss the situation with you.  We will do our best to accommodate in-home care in unique situations.  We are also willing to arrange for elective in-home euthanasia if needed for our current clients.

We have just extended our hours until 7pm (M-F), but at this time we do not provide after hours services. We are hoping to add this service with the additional growth of our foundation, staff and doctors.

We have a Mobile Response Unit that will come to your house and pick up your pet. The cost is $10 and you need to call or email the hospital in advance to arrange for this service.

Most taxis do know where the hospital is. If not, you can direct them that we are located diagonal to the Fire Station (diagonal a los bomberos) o la Clinica en la Pradera on Tarqui.

For a routine sterilization, if you bring your pet in before 10am, they will be ready to go home by 2pm in the afternoon.