Mobile Response Unit - MRU

The MRU is temporarily out of service as Brian is away from Cotacachi for a few months, will resume as soon as possible.

Amici Cannis Animal Hospital has a Mobile Response Unit (MRU) which assists the hospital with pet transportation to and from the hospital, as well as responds to calls of dogs in need. If you need help from our Mobile Response Unit, please contact Amici Cannis at (06) 291-4166 or 098- 242-6204.

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Brian Sullivan has been a volunteer with Amici Cannis for over 5 years. He runs the MRU solely on a volunteer bases for both his time and expenses. Brian is a former police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada. If you live in Cotacachi, you’ve probably seen him riding around in his MRU looking for injured dogs, or dogs that need to be sterilized. He is on-call to the clinic and attends when they receive a dog call that needs addressing. He is very dedication and loves his “job”.


If you need personal transportation for your pet to the animal hospital you can call or message the hospital to arrange this in advance. The cost is $10, you and you will be picked up with your pet who will be placed safely in a kennel.


If you see a dog that is injured, in heat or needs attention, you can call the animal hospital and they will dispatch the MRU if available.


For a fee, the MRU is also available to provide pet transportation to the airport if you are leaving the country. The MRU will also assistance with the Agrocalidad export process at the Quito Airport, prior to your flight. You can call the animal hospital to make these arrangements in advance.