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Main: (06) 291 4166

Cell: 098 242 6204


The Amici Cannis Team at our fully-equipped Animal Hospital is ready to provide free care for our beloved homeless dogs and cats, subsidized care for the rest of families in need, and full general and advanced care for your own cherished pets. Because we are a non-profit, all proceeds from our full service care go back into our Street Dog Program and Community projects.

Common Services

Consult / Physical Exam

Physical exam, vaccination, de-worming.

Dog - Male Neuter

Surgical castration of a male dog.

Cat - Male Neuter

Surgical castration of a male cat.

Dog - Female Spay - Small

Surgical sterilization of a small female dog (under 15 kilograms).

Dog - Female Spay - Large

Surgical sterilization of a large female dog (over 15 kilograms).

Cat - Female Spay

Surgical sterilization of a female cat.

Additional Services

Preventative Medicine & Wellness
In-House Blood Work
Digital Radiographs & Ultrasounds
Internal Medicine
Pain Management
Dental Procedures
Orthopedic Surgery
In-House Pharmacy
Prescription Diets
Dietary Consults
Domestic & International Travel Certificates

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