Main: (06) 291 4166

Cell: 098 242 6204

We're So Excited! and Amber LaRock has started featuring Amici Cannis! Super exciting!

Our iHD Global Ambassador, Amber, is now helping dogs in Ecuador. Stay tuned for more stories of love and redemption. 😍 You can make a tax-deductible donation directly to Amici Cannis Hospital de Animales to help them with their mission!:


Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm

Saturday: Closed

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Holidays: Closed

Main: (06) 291 4166

Cell: 098 242 6204


Amici Cannis Animal Hospital and Foundation

Amici Cannis Animal Hospital & Foundation is a non-profit organization (registered 501c3 in the US and Non-profit in Ecuador) seeking funds to provide low cost sterilization and health care to animals in need in Cotacachi, Ecuador and surrounding communities. Our sterilization model will hopefully be repeated in other parts of Ecuador as well as other developing countries to help solve the street dog problem!

We are also a full service year round veterinary hospital and it is our commitment to provide quality medical care for the life of your pet and maintain an animal hospital with the most advanced technology and diagnostics in the Province of Imbabura. We offer low cost sterilization, wellness visits, medical consults, and surgical and dental services.

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